Why are children more creative than adults?
We have learned from games like 30 circles, children came up with a lot more creative outcomes than adults. It seems like the older we get the harder it is to be creative. Children has a totally different view of the world than adults, their instinct is to discover, explore often through the act of play. Filled with curiosity and no boundaries or rules. As we grow up, we get lost, we stopped having fun, as a result we became less creative. The Hub Mo was my second project in my third year in Interior Environmental Design, it is designed for office workers and students, a platform for creative play on the go. I choose vibrant colour palette and multi-functional furniture, to draw attention away and make good use of the small narrow space. In Hub Mo, all the wall and floor spaces are encouraged for creative doodles, it’s a great way to help you stay focus and help you better deal with challenges. Snaps of the doodles and bus will be shared over social media with #HubMoDoodles, building a network on the go. There is a bar located at the back, comfortable settings to unwind in any way you wish, the roof is accessed during performing times where a foldable LED curtain back drop supports the visual. Having fun sharing a laughter fosters trust, compassion and gives a sense of engagement. 
Take yourself to unwind in this space, achieve a positive mood and mind set which awards us with greater flexibility in thinking, because our perspectives are widen and therefore better productivity.
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