As people get older, we tend to forget and lose touch with the fast moving world around us, especially in rural area in the likes of Comrie. Use Comrie as my primary research location to gather data from organised interviews and workshops. I found out the biggest issue amongst the elderly patients is - they are not being informed properly about medical rules, such as NHS Patient Waiting Time which can be very complicated even for a younger person. Without the proper information, elderly patients find themselves with a lot of anxiety build up and can often be fearful of the hospitals and therefore have a negative impact on their health.​​​​​​​
So it's very important as a designer I need to find a way to inform the elderly patient about medical issues in a non-intimidating approach to reduce the anxiety of elderly patient. But how do we inform the elderly in this very technology world? The result is KNOW-BOT – Knowledge Robot; a simplified, easy and familiar interaction product that bridge the technology barrier and helps to inform the elderly patient about complicated medical rules like NHS Patient Waiting Time. 
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