This was a project where I worked with Perth and Kinross City Council, looking at how to improve medical care in rural area in the likes of Comrie.
Comrie is an attractive retirement village with the largest proportion of over 65s in Scotland. The city council reports the biggest problem amongst elderly residences is lengthy travel to get to medical facilities out of town (Dundee, Perth) from Comrie. Further research reviled more about elderly residences can't get access to correct travelling information e.g. bus timetable caused by lack of technological knowledge, which can cause fear and anxiety that can lead to a negative impact on over all well-being.

As designer I want to re-exam and re-imagine how elderly residences in Comrie access travel information, in hope to ease the anxiety, encourage independence living and increase the quality of life to maintain their sense of security and well-being. Prototype offers a way to test what looks great and fit for its purpose, whether it's for a product or a piece of software. Below showcase the process development and different methods of prototyping.
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